Behind the scene of @bottegaveneta with @numerotokyo 🦋🕊✨ Coach Forever Spring 2021 collection
@coach #CoachNY #CoachForever #CoachSS21
Shot by Juergen Teller🧸
🌷Thank you always @stuartvevers 🌷 私服

tops : @zara 
bottom : @johnlawrencesullivan_official 
shoes : @dior 
bag : @dior 
belt : @holiday_pr 
headband : @coel_y 
earcuff : @cafering.platinum 

撮影の時だけマスク外しています🙇🏻‍♀️ Your artwork brings a smile to my face. Keep tagging me so I can see! Thank you for this illustration @mirugrams. 🍉



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