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Vogue さんのインスタグラム(voguemagazine) - 2020年5月18日 02時05分 "I want to empower women to feel and look their best and to build a strong emotional bond with them based on lasting fashion, craftsmanship and quality through positive impact,“ says designer @alejandraalonsorojas, who made the above dress that @kimkardashian wore in her May 2019 cover shoot. "My main inspiration is my DNA. Generations of talented, pioneering, and elegant women from my family who blazed new trails, broke down barriers, and set the stage for change in Spain." @alejandraalonsorojas's business is just one of the many that are now faced with unprecedented uncertainty, and hers is also one of the brands featured in our new digital storefront, Common Threads: Vogue x @amazonfashion, which aims to directly connect designers affected by the pandemic with consumers. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. Photographed by @MikaelJansson, Vogue, May 2019 Vogueのアイコン Vogue
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