Super relaxed Saturday 💕😴🌳🌦
きょうはな〜にもしない土曜日♪リラックスしたぁ〜♪ 先日、久しぶりの外食にふらっと散歩、本当に楽しかった!

The other day, I had a dinner out after a long walk and it was so refreshing!
Let's put our best foot forward from tomorrow! 📷📸



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“Standing Wolf, Facing Right," around 1657–77, by Marcus de Bye. "Boy with Toy Soldiers" (detail), around 1876, by Antonio Mancini. "Head of an Apostle (Youthful Self-Portrait, or Portrait of a Man)," around 1730, by Pierre Hubert Subleyras. “Portrait of a Forty-One-Year-Old Man,” 1634, attributed to Matthijs Harings. "Untitled (Philadelphia)," 1954 (negative); around 1954 (print), by Dave Heath. "Parody of Nasu no Yoichi; Youth About to Dispatch a Love Letter by an Arrow," around 1766–68, by Suzuki Harunobu. "Rider in a Rocky Landscape," 1847, by Edmund Koken. "The Gate," 1912, by Lyonel Feininger © 2009 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. "Wedding Dance," around 1575–1600, follower of Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
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